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Welcome to DeadCert Pest Control

DeadCert Pest Control specialises in understanding clients' requirements and responding with discretion and efficiency.

We understand pest problems are always sensitive no matter how marginal or severe.

One of the most important elements of our service is dealing tactfully with occupiers who are confronted with any form of infestation from rodents or insects.


We have marked and unmarked vehicles so that we can provide a very discreet service.

About us

The company trains and works to achieve positive, cost efficient results. Our technicians are used to working in high security environments such as those in airports and hospitals. They are trustworthy, well trained and very thorough. All our technicians are fully certified.

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DeadCert Pest Control is a Hertfordshire based Company covering all areas within the M25 and beyond including Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey.


We provide FREE estimates, FREE 24 hour call at no extra cost, FREE surveys and reporting services.

We are Specialist in Avian Bird Control with our Fully Trained Birds of Prey Falcons and Hawks

We use our dedicated bird control team of falconers and over forty birds trained in the techniques required to alter patterns of behaviour using predatory species. We have been using Hawks and Falcons to displace nuisance bird species from urban locations and industry.


Our falconry response programmes create a visual deterrent, letting the pest birds know that the area is no longer safe. Our trained hawks and falcons are effective at deterring seagulls, pigeons and ground nesting birds such as skylarks and lapwings. The presence of a hawk or falcon quickly makes an area undesirable to smaller birds and encourages them to establish a new pattern of behaviour.

Detering pest birds using falconry response is ideal for:

•    A natural method of bird control utilising nature’s instincts

•    Clearing large sites of nuisance bird populations

•    Operating in urban areas where proofing methods are unsuitable – shopping centres, flats and city centres

•    Preventing nuisance bird populations from roosting or nesting on brownfield or greenfield sites before development begins to avoid costly delays

•    A pre-proofing programme to clear pest birds before installation commences


We recommend a free site survey and risk assessment is completed to understand your pest bird problem.

Why use falconry response as bird control instead of proofing?

Sometimes bird proofing isn’t an option. The building may be listed or the size of the building could make proofing impractical, but this is something that can be determined during your free survey. You may have nuisance birds in an open area, such as a landfill or farmland, where proofing is just not possible. This is when we would use falconry response as an extremely effective method of control.


We can offer you:


•    Falconry response bird control

•    Expert, knowledgeable and qualified bird deterrent and control specialists

•    Free and comprehensive site surveys

•    Advice on legislation – Protected species, egg and nest removal

•    Tailored and cost effective bird control and bird deterrent proofing solutions

•    A guano cleaning service

•    A 10 year guarantee on all bird proofing installations


What should you do if you have a Bird Control Problem?

If you have a bird control problem the first step to is to call us. We have over 25 years of experience at the forefront of bird control and have worked on every type of bird control problem on industrial sites, listed buildings, office blocks, airfields shopping centres, waste disposal, food processing sites and also residential.


We provide you with:


•    Bird Control using traditional proofing techniques such as netting, bird wire and bird spiking

•    Bird Control using innovative proofing techniques – electric or gel deterrents (ideal for listed buildings)

•    Bird scaring using falconry response – we have the UK’s most experienced falconry response teams


Take back control of your property by calling in the expert bird control specialists on

01992 538 448 or for more information visit

For pest control services in the Home Counties, call

01992 537 448


07718 975 666

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