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Dead Cert Pest Control specialises in understanding clients requirements and responding with discretion and efficiency. We understand Pest problems are always sensative no matter how marginal or severe.
One of the most important elements of our service is dealing tactfully with occupiers who are confronted with any form of infestation from rodents or insects .
We have marked and unmarked vehicles so that we can provide a very discreet service.
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Computer Software Package
Deadcert, due to its specially commissioned computer software, can provide graphic illustrations of pest infestations and levels in all dwellings and common areas in major blocks on any size of estate.

The company trains and works to achieve positive, cost efficient results. Our technicians are used to working in high security environments such as those in airports and hospitals they are trustworthy, well trained and very thorough. All our technicians are fully certified.
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DeadCert Pest Control is a Hertfordshire based Company covering all areas within the M25 and beyond, including, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey.


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